Kharla Vezzetti, Cal NORML Sales Manager

California NORML Business Membership and Advertising Manager
Kharla Vezzetti


Kharla Vezzetti began turning activism into a profession when she registered voters for the California Assembly Democrats in preparation for the successful 1992 election.

In 1996, Vezzetti volunteered as a signature gatherer as well as the Media Liaison for the Sonoma County chapter of Californian’s for Compassionate Use, working on what was to become Prop 215/The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, the first successful statewide medical marijuana initiative in the country.

From 1996-1998, she was the owner and operator of Natural Harvest, a wholesale distribution and retail-vending business specializing in Sonoma County-produced industrial hemp products.

In the years 1997-1999, Vezzetti was the Advertising Manager for HempWorld: The International Hemp Journal and Hemp Pages: The Hemp Industry Source Book, both first of their kind publications. In 1998, she served as a member on the Board of Advisers for the Industrial Use of Hemp (Marijuana) Initiative

In the new millennium, Kharla’s experience in publishing and marketing led her to study graphic design, while a life-long love of movies led her to film studies; she has been the production designer in several independent local films. In addition to her design work, she then honed her skills as a Field Communications Specialist and Marketing Communications Manager. She currently is a freelance designer, writer and marketing advisor in Sonoma County, CA.

Kharla was excited to join California NORML’s staff in 2017, feeling she had come “full circle” back to advertising sales, again for an organization that has her respect and gratitude.

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