Gov. Newsom Signs Cannabis Compassion Bill

UPDATE 10/13/2019 – The Governor has signed the bill into law. Thanks to all our supporters who sent letters in support. Cal NORML networks sent over 3000 letters to lawmakers in 2019. UPDATE 9/21/2019 – SB 34, the Dennis Peron & Brownie Mary Cannabis Compassion bill, has passed through the CA legislature and awaits the …

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Contra Costa Pot Giveaway Celebration and Protest

On the courthouse steps December 8 – Cannabis advocates handed out free marijuana to grateful recipients on the Contra Costa County Courthouse steps today in protest of the county’s lack of legal, affordable dispensaries. Organizers, including Contra Costa County NORML and, took advantage of California’s legalization law, which makes it legal to possess and …

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Cal NORML’s 2018 Accomplishments and Plans for 2019

PLEASE JOIN CAL NORML OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO HELP US CONTINUE OUR WORK IN 2019. As California enters new territory with the opening of adult-use sales this year, Cal NORML continues its fight to secure consumers’ rights to use cannabis freely, legally, and affordably. We are glad to have made some progress with the …

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Pro-Cannabis Candidates and Measures Carry Across California

This page will be updated as more results are reported. Updated 11/11 Gavin Newsom, a cannabis supporter who pushed for the passage of Prop. 64 to legalize adult recreational use in California, will be the new governor of the state. Incumbent Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who has vowed to protect the state’s legalization law against …

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Local Restrictions on Personal Cannabis Cultivation Struck Down in Court

November 2, 2018 – San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge David Cohn has issued a ruling striking down parts of a City of Fontana ordinance placing restrictions on residential marijuana growers in the first court case limiting a local jurisdiction’s ability to regulate personal cultivation rights in California under Proposition 64 (AUMA). The ruling is …

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NCIA CCIA Conference Report: Day 2

BCC chief Lori Ajax kicked off Day 2 of the NCIA/CCIA conference and trade show in Anaheim by reminding the crowd that everything the Bureau does affects the cannabis consumer and the public, as well as licensees. Speaking of the 152-page regulatory document released with revisions following thousands of comments last Friday, Ajax noted, “A …

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NCIA/CCIA Conference Report: Day One

Read Day 2 Report The NCIA/CCIA conference in Anaheim got off to a rousing start with NCIA founder Aaron Smith reminding the crowd that California was still the biggest potential market for the cannabis industry, even now that Canada has become the second country to legalize it. Smith announced that the latest Gallup poll shows …

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CA Cannabis Regulations Issued for Final 15-Day Comment Period

Updated 1:10 PM October 19, 2018 – Regulations for cannabis businesses in California have been issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the CA Dept of Food of Agriculture (CDFA), and the CA Dept. of Public Health (CDPH). A final 15-day comment period on the proposed regulations has opened. The controversial regulation allowing deliveries …

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AG Becerra Announces Campaign Against Marijuana Planting Data for 2018

Attorney General Becerra announced that this year’s Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, a multijurisdictional task force including DEA and other agencies, made 52 arrests at 254 grow sites across 40 counties. The Campaign Against Marijuana Planting claims to have eradicated 614,267 illegal marijuana plants on public lands in California this year, half the number taken in 2017. The state’s wildfires …

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