Mendocino County Personal Use of Marijuana Initiative (PUMI)

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UKIAH, Nov. 8, 2000. Mendocino County voters approved Measure G, a resolution calling for the decriminalization of personal use and cultivation of marijuana, by a vote of 58-42%.

Organizers, led by the Mendocino Green Party and supported by California NORML, submitted over twice the 2,800 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Entitled the "Personal Use of Marijuana Initiative", Measure G

Because it does not change state law, Measure G is essentially an advisory resolution.

California NORML has endorsed Measure G as a welcome step towards protecting personal freedom and reducing the costs of marijuana enforcement. "The current marijuana laws promote crime by making personal use cultivation a felony," argues Cal. NORML coordinator Dale Gieringer. "The result is to push otherwise law-abiding, responsible adult users into the hands of criminal street dealers and smugglers. By decriminalizing personal use cultivation, we can undercut the criminal market. This policy has been successfully adopted by states in Australia, where it has been shown to reduce the costs of enforcement without increasing drug abuse."

Mendocino, a scenic, sparsely populated county in Northern California's marijuana-growing "Emerald Triangle," has been the scene of growing dissatisfaction with the war on pot. Both the sheriff and district attorney have voiced support for marijuana decriminalization.

Release by: Dale Gieringer

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