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Green Party Announces "Personal Use of Marijuana" Initiative

The Green Party of Mendocino County has authored an initiative that would virtually decriminalize personal use of marijuana in Mendocino County.

The Green Party is spearheading a campaign to gather the 2868 signatures of registered voters required to place the measure on the ballot.

"Although the Green Party has moved the initiative this far, we feel it is a non- partisan issue and call on members of any political party for support", reports Bruce Hering, Green Party county council member and PUMI spokesperson.

The wording of the "Personal Use of Marijuana Initiative" (PUMI) was modeled after similar ordinances in Berkeley and San Francisco, which have been in effect for several years.

The initiative would:

We need volunteers for all phases of this campaign, including petition circulators and financial support. If you wish to participate in this history- making action, please contact Bruce Hering at 707-895-3589 or

Click here for Initiative Text and Legal Summary.

Posted by Dale Gieringer, California NORML Nov. 16, 1999

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