Sign up for Lobby Day 2018

Sign ups for Cal NORML / ASA Lobby Day closed at noon on Friday, June 1.

You can still walk in on Monday morning and join in on existing appointments with your Representatives, or drop in on them (there will be a station where you can look up your Reps and their office addresses).

Lobby day begins with sign-in and a continental breakfast at 8:00 AM in the Metropolitan Terrace on the 7th Floor of the Citizen Hotel located at 926 J Street, Sacramento. Read more.

We ask a $25 donation from attendees; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Need help with registration? Email here

57 year old Thalidomide kid,

57 year old Thalidomide kid, mayflower descendent, incredible career in aerospace and banking, cancer survivor, hypersensitivity vasculitis,cateracts,glaucomua, IBS, and other issues that pharmaceuticals cant help.

I have been monitored for the last 3 years by UCLA after I self treated my multiple myloma and reduced it to MGUS or precancer state. I have 4 inches of documentation.

I would love to attend and speak.