Application For Delivery Service Listing

Delivery Service Listings at California NORML's Marijuana Dispensary Locator are free to business members. Delivery service memberships are $100 semi-annually (every 6 months) for a regular membership; deluxe memberships for $250 / 6 mos. entitle you to add a logo or photo to your listing. You will be prompted to make your payment after filling out the form.

Although collectives may continue to operate under SB 420 rules until January 9, 2019, the state Bureau of Cannabis Control has begun issuing notices to unlicensed operations, which may be subject to both state and local fines.

See for more information on forming a collective or cooperative. We recommend you consult with an attorney, a list can be found at

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Once the application is approved and paid for, listings are generally posted online within 48 hours. Questions? Write or call 707-337-9747.