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Delivery Service Listings at CANORML's Medical Marijuana Collective Locator are free to members. Delivery service memberships are $100 semi-annually. You will be prompted to make your payment after filling out the form.

Although state law has no explicit provision for delivery services, they can be justified on the grounds that many patients lack transportation and cannot grow for themselves.

One way of setting up a delivery service consistent with state law is to act as a "primary caregiver." In this case, the caregiver grows the marijuana and delivers it to the patient. It is an unsettled question whether primary caregivers can buy medicine from outside sources. Although there is no provision in the law explicitly outlawing such purchase, the Attorney General's guidelines disallow it. Theoretically, the caregiver should not charge for the marijuana itself, but rather for his or her time and costs in providing it. Note that the caregiver should "consistently" provide for the patient's needs, and that multiple "primary caregivers" are not authorized in the law.

The second way to organize a delivery service is as a non-profit cooperative or collective: in this case, the management should be in the hands of the membership, not a single individual. See for more information on forming a collective or cooperative. We recommend you consult with an attorney, a list can be found at

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