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Accounting and Business Development

Liana Limited
- Experienced support in business development for the medical cannabis industry. Accounting, human resources, permit applications, business plans, public relations and more.

Activist Organizations
The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization promoting alternatives to current drug policy that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation (FEAR) is a leading source of information about federal and state asset forfeiture laws, providing free and low-cost legal resources to help lawyers - and pro se forfeiture claimants - defend against asset forfeiture.
ecannabis provides a comprehensive website and digital app for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad® users seeking immediate access to credible information about thousands of cannabis strains, recommending physicians, collectives, delivery services, nearby dispensaries, laws and more.

Hemp Products
Discover Wears Stronger, Lasts Longer. HempTeeNess is your source for Premium Quality Hemp Apparel featuring fresh and fun hemp-and-canna-positive design. Enter discount code "NORML420".

Dr. Bronner's classic liquid and bar soaps are certified under
the USDA National Organic Program and also are Fair Trade.
We offer a range of high-quality personal care products,
from lotions to shaving gels, all certified organic and fair trade.

Hemp Ale (aka Humboldt Brown) is a one-of-a-kind brew that boasts an incredibly rich profile and unique herb-accented flavor that is attributable to the incorporation of hemp seeds into the brewing process.

 Find Hemp Ale at a store or bar near you.

Statewide Insurance Services
Business Insurance for Growers, Dispensary, Collectives, Cooperatives, Laboratories, Doctors, Events, Lawyers and Manufacturers /Suppliers. Setting underwriting standards for the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Fresh Start Insurance offers comprehensive Medical Marijuana Insurance which can cover your dispensary, grow facility, bakery, equipment, theft and legal fees.
Fill out our quote form or call us today at 844-443-7374!

SC Laboratories
Potency Analysis, Pesticide, Residual Solvent, and Microbiological Screening. We can accurately identify the presence of cannabinoids, chemical pesticides, residual solvents, and microbiological contamination in dried flowers and medical cannabis products.

Steep Hill Lab
Cannabis analysis laboratory: potency testing, microbiological, pesticide screening, and standardized packaging for growers.

Management Systems
mmjmenu is a complete MMC management system for collectives. Control all aspects of POS, patients, inventory, and vendors; accept online orders, email and text message patients, and manage multiple locations from one account.

Medical Marijuana Products
MedWest uses supercritical CO2 extraction--a method used by the finest companies in the world--to extract essential oils organically and make butane-free honey oils for standardized, laboratory-tested sublingual CannaTabs and CannaCaps, plus vaporizer cartridges.

Bhang Chocolate has been making non-medicated chocolates for years for such retail outlets as Whole Foods, and is now focused on creating award-winning medicated chocolate bars. At Bhang we strive to set industry taste and quality benchmarks.

Patient Verification Software for Physicians
The MCC Medical Record System is a secure and easy-to-use online system for storing and retrieving patient records, documenting primary caregiver information, and verifying physician recommendations. Learn more and see a demo.

CULTURE’s mission is to inform and entertain readers with the latest news and lifestyle trends of America’s medical cannabis culture. We’ll keep you engaged and we’ll keep you asking for more. Culture Magazine: It’s a lifestyle.

Schools/Training Programs
Training programs should not substitute for licensed, legal advice. See a list of CalNORML Legal Committee Attorneys

Find a new career in the marijuana industry at 420 College. Start compliant collectives with the help of attorneys, consultants and businessmen. Live seminars, private consultations and online video courses since 2009. 323-308-8803

Located in Pasadena, the Medical Cannabis Caregivers Training Program provides information, resources and training to physicians and individuals. A portion of the proceeds support CalNORML.

Oaksterdam University America's first cannabis college was founded in 2007 to provide students with the highest quality training for the cannabis industry. Our faculty is comprised of the most recognized names in the California cannabis legalization movement.

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